Our QMS (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) is not only a pillar of our day-to-day business but also the strength that consolidates important cornerstones of our integrated management systems in the following areas:

  • Energy Management
  • Hygiene Management
  • Work Safety
  • Health Protection

We regard our integrated management systems not just as instruments that help maintain the known and required quality standards, but as guiding principles and conduct our business activities accordingly.

Lindner Quality Management

The key pillar of our companies is the quality of our products & services

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Independent third parties regularly review our structures, workflows and processes. Thus, potentially weak points can be quickly detected and improved. In our quality management manual all duties and responsibilities are unambiguously assigned to the corresponding positions. These optimized and standardized processes ensure that the deviations can be detected early on and eliminated. Our certified quality management system demonstrates to our customers and business partners that our companies have clear structures with well-defined responsibilities and processes, and that the established standards and guidelines are adhered to.

Our pleasant working environment, real team spirit and functional social structures are the reason for our happy and motivated employees. Our employees possess high level of expertise and are willing to take personal responsibility. These factors represent a major pillar of our business culture.

In accordance with our CIP (Continual Improvement Process) we continually scrutinise our processes. Moreover, our processes are regularly audited and certified by independent external institutions. It enables us to flexibly respond to the packaging needs of our customers as well as to realize and drive forward joint projects in collaboration with our customers and partners, thus taking an active part in the planning and implementation.