As family-run, modern and at the same time rich in tradition companies, we uphold strong values and set standards with our broad product range.

Hit the ground running with us into your successful future! In our dynamic companies exciting tasks, attractive wages and viable social benefits are waiting for you.

Our employees are a key factor in the long-term company success. Thus they are our most important asset. Our executives are available to any of our employees who wish to speak to them in person at any time. The collaboration at all levels is characterized by respect, trust and transparency.

Our executives discuss with our employees, on a regular basis, corporate strategies, visions, corporate goals and the role of the employees in the implementation of those goals.

In our companies there is a high level of consensus regarding the corporate strategy and values. Our corporate culture allows our employees to further develop their expertise and personal strengths. We encourage our employees to take on responsibilities by recognizing outstanding performance. Our employees understand what is expected of them. The ideas and feedback of our employees are always taken into account. This means that our employees are constantly involved in the decision-making process, thus contributing to our operational and organisational optimisation.

We create and promote a climate of open and honest dialogue. We celebrate our success together with our employees. We integrate new colleagues through a structured orientation period by introducing them into all important business units. By doing so, we ensure that shortly after joining the company our new employees can take over interesting and challenging tasks.


The LINDNER Companies are socially responsible. This means that fair and trusting relationships with our employees enjoy a high priority at our companies. Without our motivated and enthusiastic employees it would not be possible to run our family business successfully for over 25 years. We value each and every of our employees regardless of their national origin and social position.

We encourage our employees with a healthy workplace environment, a positive work climate and regular measures for further education. We take our responsibility towards our apprentices very seriously and support them with various additional courses and seminars as well as exemption from work for the purposes of exam preparation. It´s the prerequisite for putting the completion of their vocational education on a successful footing.

To nurture a team spirit various events are arranged wherein the employees of both our companies take part. Our employees organize an annual summer party. A company run also enjoys great popularity. Every year we see the old year out together with a tranquil Christmas party.

We also offer social counselling for job related matters.

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and we are proud to say that we have minimized our raw material losses to such an extent that they can be disregarded. We rely on our energy-saving production methods and the use of digital technologies instead of paper.