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We will gladly arrange necessary tests for your products upon request. Thus we can commission migration tests or child-resistance tests for your plastic packaging. Moreover, we offer leak tests as well as compatibility checks of your packaging with the product to be filled in it. In addition, we offer tests in accordance with the UN regulations for dangerous goods. Upon request, we provide you a quote.

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Packaging protects food products against outside influences. Although via the direct contact between the packaging and the food product various substances can penetrate or, in other words, migrate into the packaging contents and vice versa. To avoid this kind of interaction this issue should be taken into account prior to the manufacturing of the food packaging.

Our product range contains a variety of standard solutions that can be used for food packaging. For those products we have a declaration of conformity of food packaging according to the EU regulation No. 10/2011. In collaboration with certified laboratories we offer you migration tests upon request. As a result you will receive a declaration in accordance with EG (No. 1935/2004) and EU (No. 10/2011) regulations. Let us know which of our products interests you and what it´s to be filled with.  We will gladly provide you with a quote.

A complicated closure can prevent small children from coming into contact with dangerous contents of the packaging. We offer you various plastic bottles with child resistant push down and turn closures that fully comply with ISO 8317. In collaboration with certified laboratories, we offer you certification for the plastic packaging of your choosing. Let us know which of our products has sparked your interest. We will gladly provide with a quote.

The most important functions of the packaging are protection of the contents, storage as well as transportation. Therefore, lightproof surface, ergonomic shape and robust design are required.

Leakages are regarded as a critical defect. Leaky packaging can cause damages that adversely affect the quality and appearance of the product. For that reason, the conducting of leak tests is so important for us.

In the run-up to the leak test a conformity check of the bottle and the corresponding closure is conducted. This procedure ensures that the closure or trigger sprayer can be tightly screwed on the bottle and sits properly. The thread must also fit.
In case the conformity check is successful, a leak test is be conducted via a vacuum inspection according to the DIN 14401.

Articles or substances that are capable of posing a risk to people or the environment are termed “dangerous goods”. The packaging of dangerous goods has to meet particularly high requirements for those goods to be safely stored and shipped onshore, by sea and by air. According to the established design type tests plastic packaging for dangerous goods should withstand falls, squeezing and aggressive chemicals. UN-certified dangerous goods packaging has to meet special leak proof, high and low thermal requirements. After being tested and analysed dangerous goods packaging receives an UN-approval number and a certificate containing information concerning material compatibility. Since 1991 BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung i.e. the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) establishes the corresponding registrations.

We will gladly consult and support you in questions relating to UN plastic packaging for dangerous goods. Thus we can check, whether our UN packaging is suitable for your product. Together with you, we carry out projects in the field of UN plastic packaging.