Lindner Plastic Packaging Company Structure

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Today we are a modern manufacturing business with a staff of 60 employees and operate on the site in Frankenblick on a three-shift basis. The sales and administration team, consisting of 18 employees, takes care of the customer enquiries.


Approx. 70% in Germany
Approx. 30% in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates  etc.


Plastic packaging for the automotive industry, hotel industry, facility cleaning, household & garden, cosmetics & body care, food industry, animal farming & care, UN packaging for dangerous substances.

Lindner Sprühsysteme / Administration & Sales (Augsburg)Lindner Sprühsysteme / Administration & Sales (Augsburg)


Completion and occupation of our new administration building at our production LiKu GmbH & Co. KG.

In the course of the construction of our new building, an energetic renovation with thermal insulation measures and energy-saving lighting was carried out on the adjacent existing building.


Since 2019 we´ve been manufacturing PET-G bottles in our production facility in Thuringia.

1 February 2018

Our new biligual corporate website was launched under

On our website we showcase the services und products that we offer and the key sectors on which we focus. Follow our website to keep up to date with our service and product developments as well as projects that we are involved in.

Our new website boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation to help you find your way around with ease. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and devices. We’ve introduced a range of new content to the website, including a clear message of who we are and what we do.

Lindner Plastic Packaging Responsive Website

We will continue to develop and improve our website, including adding video content, to provide you with all of the information you need to find out what it is like to collaborate with us.

2014 – 2016

Various investments in the renewal and expansion of the production at our premises in Frankenblick.

Development and the corresponding tests of the appropriate recyclate raw material for the manufacturing of the plastic bottles. Series production was scheduled for 2017.


Company anniversary: The LINDNER companies celebrated their 20th anniversary with their current and former employees.

The long-standing employees were honoured with a special gift for their contribution to the company success.

January 2011

The merging of the Edwin Lindner Kunststoffverarbeitung and the Lindner Söhne GbR into the LiKu GmbH & Co. KG.

December 2009

Construction of the administrative building in Pröllstraße in Augsburg.

1 January 2006 

The beginning of the in-house printing of plastic products.


Manufacturing using injection moulding started in our own production facilities. In the same year the takeover of the service provider for printing took place. Through the expansion of the company facilities more space was provided on the premises for the new employees, production and the warehouse.  In the following years various expansions to the premises and to the production facilities took place.


Edwin Lindner Kunststoffverarbeitung situated in Mengersgereuth-Hämmern operated with a staff of 17 employees on a double shift basis. At the production site in Augsburg The Lindner Söhne GBR with a staff of two employees assembled spray bottles for household and garden purposes.

Lindner Plastic Packaging Headquarters

24 June 2002

The sons of Edwin Lindner Stefan Lindner, Markus Lindner and Andreas Lindner were appointed as managing directors and were assigned full responsibility of managing the companies.

1 May 2002

The Lindner Sprühsysteme GmbH with the office in Augsburg and twelve employees moved again and gave the no longer required warehouse in Augsburg up.
The production was bundled on one site in Thüringen. The logistics were simplified.

December 2000

The production facilities were almost doubled.

14 November 1998

The Lindner Söhne GbR in Mengersgereuth-Hämmern was founded.

1997 – 1998

Due to steady growth the construction of the new production facilities for the Edwin Lindner Kunststoffverarbeitung was started. The new site in Industriestraße in Mengersgereuth-Hämmern [ today Frankenblick (Thüringen) ] offered a 375 sq. m production area, a 936 sq. m warehouse as well as 150 sq. m of office space.

The Lindner Söhne GbR was founded in Mengersgereuth-Hämmern.

17 August 1995

With increasing success, the warehouse and office space proved insufficient. The Lindner Sprühsysteme GmbH moved to new premises on the historical site of the former Kammgarn Spinning Works (AKS). From then on 1000 square meters of the warehouse space were at our disposal. As a result, the warehouse in Holzheim was given up.


17 November 1993 / 21 June 1994

The Edwin Lindner Kunststoffverarbeitung was founded in Effelder (Thüringen). Since the suppliers couldn´t fully comply with the quality requirements, the decision was made to set up our own production.

At the beginning, the staff of the Edwin Lindner Kunststoffverarbeitung consisted of one operating manager and two workers. Various HDPE bottles were produced and labelled. The printing services were outsourced. As the warehouse space grew scarce, the produced goods were transported to Holzheim to be stored there.

17 December 1992

Edwin Lindner founded the Lindner Sprühsysteme GmbH in Augsburg with a staff of only three employees. The goods were transported from the warehouse in Holzheim to Rain on Lech.
Right at the beginning, the Guala and Canyon trigger sprayers and various plastic bottles from different manufacturers were distributed.